Ski Ötztal - Tödi 2018

Tirol Austria and eastern Swiss Alps

Ski Tirol Austria and eastern Swiss Alps

This program takes us to two different alpine areas of the European Alps, “Tour de Alps”. This is a good way to ski a large variety of impressive terrain and to experience more alpine areas and mountain cultures. The combination of the Ötztal and the Tödi are amongst our most favoured ski touring programs in the European Alps. We enjoy guiding programs of such high quality that guarantee adventure and experience.

After we meet in Obergurgl in the famous Tirol of Austria, we enjoy the Ötztal Haute Route. This route takes place in the glaciated high alpine in between Obergurgel and Sölden, not too far from Innsbruck.

The Ötztaler Alps are impressive, the peaks are around 3500 meter in elevation and the ski runs are as impressive as anything in the West Alps. But what gives the Ötztal the final 5 Star rating is the famous hospitality. Very nice huts, incredible meals and of-course welcoming and friendly atmosphere provided by the Austrians. This is also the place where the 5300 year old glacier mummy “Ötzi” has been found, on September 19, 1991 by two German tourists near the Tisenjoch elev. 3210 meters .

After the Ötztal we drive in our rented car to the Swiss valley, Glarus. There we go to the Fridolin Hut and climb and ski the Gemsfeiren 2971 meter and the Tödi 3620 meter. Depending on the weather, on our last ski day we have also the option to climb the Clariden 3267 meter.

Looking forward to ski this great program with you.

Ruedi Beglinger
I.F.M.G.A certified Mountain Guide

Detailed Program

Please call or e-mail our office to receive a hard-copy of the detailed program which includes all needed information for your ski-trip with us. For this we do need your mailing address. Unfortunately we are not able to e-mail the exact detailed program.


We strongly recommend that you purchase the below listed insurances. If you have questions regarding insurances, please contact our office in Revelstoke.

  • General health / hospital insurance, good for all countries in Europe
  • Life insurance
  • Trip cancellation insurance
  • Mountain helicopter rescue and evacuation insurance
Travel from North America to Obergurgl, Austria

From North America fly via Frankfurt or London to International Airport Innsbruck, Austria. From there take the train as far as Ötztal. In Oetztal change from the train onto a public bus and go to Obergurgl.

Your Guides

Ruedi Beglinger will be your guide on this ski program. He has extensive experience in guiding mountaineering and ski-mountaineering in Europe and North America.

Ruedi has been certified as a Mountain Guide by the Swiss (SBV) and International Guide Association (IFMGA) in 1977. He is an active and professional member of the Canadian Mountain Guide Association (ACMG) and the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) Industrial Avalanche Level 3.

Florina Beglinger will help her dad with guiding. She currently has her Canadian Avalanche Association Industrial Avalanche Level 1 and is working towards becoming a Guide.

Ability level:

This program takes place in steep and rugged high-alpine terrain, which has many broken glaciers (crevasses), glacial seracs and other natural skiing challenges. Some of the ski-ascents and ski-descents lead through exposed and technically difficult terrain of up to 35º to 38º incline on frozen snow, where safe and efficient ski-techniques and good skiing discipline are required.

For this program each guest has to be a strong and accomplished alpine skier with good skiing techniques who can ski efficiently and safely down steep and challenging mountain slopes in all kinds of snow conditions, wile carrying an average size multi-day pack of approximately 20 lbs. In addition every ski guest on this program should be able to comfortably link 30 short-radius turns in all type of snow conditions.

Further it is important that every ski guest on this program can safely control their skis in difficult terrain and can execute efficient and safe kick-turns in steep slopes.

Every ski guest on the tour should enjoy good health and should have no difficulties to acclimatize to moderate or higher altitudes.

You have to be physically in good shape. We recommend that every ski guest on this program does enjoy active outdoor endurance sport on a regular basis; such as jogging, cycling, cross-country skiing or ski touring. It is important that you can efficiently ski-climb with a backpack of approximately 20 lbs. for an entire ski day, up to 1600 vertical meters (5250 v. ft.).

Every ski guest on this program has to be able to follow instructions given by the Guide.

For the quality of this program we like to give priority to ski guests who have skied with Selkirk Mountain Experience on earlier skiing programs.

If you have questions regarding “Ability Level”, please do not hesitate to contact Selkirk Mountain Experience or Ruedi directly.

Acclimatizing and Jet-Lag

Jet-Lag affects every person at a different level. One of the most known effects Jet-Lag has on people is the change of the internal clock but also sitting in an air-liner for such long time dehydrates travelers.

It is difficult to acclimatize to higher elevations while suffering from any level of Jet-Lag.

With respect towards the planned program and every guest’s personal health and comfort on the planed tour, we ask that you arrive at the starting point of this program a few days ahead of the starting date of our program.

If you pan to arrive a few days earlier at the meeting place and ski the local mountains, please make sure that you make your own hotel reservations for the days prior the SME program.

Best, stay at the hotel where we will meet on the meeting date. Selkirk Mountain Experience does select its hotels very carefully, ensuring that they are clean and comfortable and suit the expectations of each ski guest on the program.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

Selkirk Mountain Experience guarantees all programs, in Canada or in Europe, regardless of the number of booked guests, unless natural disaster forces the company to cancel the program.

Booking your European tour with SME
  • Selkirk Mountain Experience Ltd. requires a non-refundable deposit of Cdn $ 1300.00 in order to confirm your booking. You will then receive a confirmation with details of the program.
  • A second payment of Cdn $ 1300.- will be due by latest December 31st.
  • We ask that you pay final payment in full by latest February 10th.
Cancelation Policy

Because of the nature of this program, Selkirk Mountain Experience is not able to make exceptions to the below booking and Cancelation Policy.

We strongly recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance.

If you have difficulties in finding the right insurance, please contact our Revelstoke office.

Selkirk Mountain Experience Ltd. reserves the right to cancel any program for whatever reason. In this situation Selkirk Mountain Experience Ltd. will refund all paid money. However, Selkirk Mountain Experience Ltd. is not responsible for any further expenses incurred in preparation for the program (airfares, pre-paid hotels etc.)


All guests who ski with Selkirk Mountain Experience Ltd. are asked to sign the RELEASE OF LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIMS, ASSUMPTION OF RISKS AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT. This form will be presented to you at the start of the program, place where we will meet. Questions can be directly addressed to the person who will present the waiver document. A copy of the waiver will be sent to you together with the confirmation package. If you have any questions please feel free to phone our office at 250 837 2381 or email us.

  • Ski the Swiss Alps, Ötztal - Tödi
  • Ski the Swiss Alps, Ötztal - Tödi
  • Ski the Swiss Alps, Ötztal - Tödi
  • Ski the Swiss Alps, Ötztal - Tödi
  • Ski the Swiss Alps, Ötztal - Tödi
  • Ski the Swiss Alps,Ötztal - Tödi
  • Ski the Swiss Alps, Ötztal - Tödi