Durrand Glacier – moderate hiking

Mirror Lake Ridge – Glacier Trail

Mirror Lake Ridge – Glacier Trail

  • Level of hiking: Moderate
  • Lowest elevation: 1850 m, upper Carnes Creek
  • Top elevation: 2380 m, Mirror Lake Ridge
  • Total elevation gain: 545 m
  • Total distance: 6.5 km


From the Durrand Glacier Chalet follow the main trail towards east (past the shower building) for 150 meters, to the second branch-off (immediately after a tiny stream crossing). There use the trail leading to the right. This takes you along the west shore of Christiane Lake to Marmot Lake. Now follow the trail leading from the east side of Marmot Lake up the Ledges.

A few meters below the top of the Ledges is a branch-off. Take the trail leading left and up-hill. Hike another 200 meters and you will reach the large rock-cairn located on top of a prominent knoll. Now walk down the east side of this knoll and along the southern shore-line of Mirror Lake (in a counter-clockwise direction). At the far southeast corner of Mirror Lake you will find the trail leading towards southeast and up-hill. Follow this trail and markers to the top of the scenic Mirror Lake Ridge. From there you can make a short detour south to the Glacier Point, 2440m elev. Otherwise keep following the trail (along the ridge) towards northwest, downhill to the Goat Pass and eventually to Goat Lake. Walk along the eastern shore-line of Goat Lake and further to the toe of Durrand Glacier. Now follow the marked trail down the Glacier Trail to Carnes Creek. There branch off left and walk along the wide trail up to the Durrand Glacier Chalet.

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