Environmental Initiatives

Low impact living

We earn our living taking people into the wilderness. We think it's our duty to protect that wilderness and the world that created it. That's why we take our environmental impact very seriously. We've made a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint in every way possible. In fact, we approached the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to help us measure that footprint. We wanted a clear understanding of exactly what impact we make, so that we could limit it in every way possible.

All our power is generated through solar panels and our own hydro project. We use fossil fuels only for our helicopter transfers and to cook. Our product is self-propelled wilderness travel and our chalet is insulated for maximum energy efficiency.

The result: the EDF study found that we couldn't limit our CO2 emissions or carbon footprint any further. Everything we do is either at or above the standards for energy efficiency.

We will keep looking for ways to lower our footprint. And any new practices will be judged carefully by their effect on the environment.

Our commitment to this issue is real, and we'll reflect that in our actions and our practices.

Selkirk Mountain Experience