Tree Skiing

Bottomless and bouncy.
4,000 vertical foot runs.
4 different runs.

If we can't go up, you'll love going down.

Selkirk Mountain Experience has become famous for the Durrand Glacier and its open runs and large alpine terrain. But our tree skiing is equally spectacular. On days when the weather conditions rule out the alpine, you won't find our guests sitting around in a hut playing cards. They'll be off playing in the trees instead, skiing deep powder and getting one face-shot after the next.

There are three different tree-skiing areas at the Durrand Glacier area. They wander through the steep lines, open glades, deep pillows and fun drops, and a variety of slopes to the valley floor below. The huge diversity of lines, 50 of them, offer runs of up to 1260 vertical meters (4150 vertical feet) through spaced trees and glades. The climb back up through the magnificent silence of spectacular old-growth forests rivals the ski down in wow-factor.

Many of our guests actually come for our tree skiing. But even those who came for the large powder slopes of the Durrand alpine, finish a day of tree skiing with big smiles on their faces.

December, January and February are definitely big months for large amounts of new snow, this explains why during these months we ski lots of the great tree-runs. Even with the unbeatable runs below tree-line, when the weather is good we will ski the large terrain of the alpine or go hut to hut skiing, either to the Mt. Moloch Chalet or the Empire Lake Chalet.

Tree Skiing with Selkirk Mountain Experience