Skiing Packing List

Our recommendations for your SME ski holiday

Skiing Packing List for the Durrand Glacier Chalet


For your personal safety the helicopter has a restricted luggage capacity in weight and bulk. For this reason, Selkirk Mountain Experience and the contracted helicopter company ask all guests to not exceed the below dimensions of the personal luggage. Also we ask all SME Guests to wear ski-boots and ski-clothing for the helicopter flight.

Maximum weight of luggage:

14 kg (30.00 lbs) skis, ski boots and ski-clothing you are wearing not included

Maximum size of duffle bags:

41cm x 31cm x 76cm (16" x 12" x 30")

Skis / Snowboard:

1 pair per ski guest

Provided to all guests at the Durrand Glacier Chalet
  • ABS or Mammut avalanche safety pack, 35 lt capacity
  • Avalanche safety beacon, Mammut - Barryvox, 457 kHz
  • Avalanche probe, 272 cm long with quick-lock
  • Avalanche shovel, Black Diamond with easy to use slide-in handle

Equipment List Classic and Relaxed Pace Ski Week
  • 1 pair alpine touring skis or telemark skis or split snow-board
     (ski brakes or safety leashes are required for all AT Skis and Telemark Skis)
  • 1 pair ski-poles
  • 1 pair of ski-mountaineering boots or telemark boots
  • 1 pair of ski-climbing skins (should fit entire ski below the bindings)
  • 1 pair of ski-touring pants with powder cuffs
  • 1 light-weight Gore-Tex jacket
  • 1 soft-shell
  • light weight under-shirt
  • mid. weight under shirt
  • long under-wear
  • warm ski-socks
  • warm winter toque (hat)
  • light spring gloves
  • warm winter ski-gloves or mittens
  • ski-goggles
  • sun-glasses (100% UV protection)
  • sun-screen (min. factor 30)
  • sun protection for lips
  • sun hat
  • blister pads for feet (your preferred brand )
  • hockey tape (for falling off climbing skins)
  • bathing suit for sauna
  • light-weight silk sleeping sheet for hut to hut skiing
  • towel and toiletry set
  • change of clothes for the chalet
  • 1 pair hut shoes (running shoes, Crocs, etc.)
  • flash-light or head-light for “hut to hut skiing”
  • water bottle or thermos
  • plastic container for packing lunch
  • photo camera and battery-charger
  • USB computer memory stick (appr. 10 GB, for exchange of photos and movie clips

Ski Guests signed up for ski weeks after April 1st
  • Ski crampons (Harscheisen) fitted for your skis, (we do have a selected number of ski crampons for Dynafit skis available at the Durrand Glacier Chalet)

For hut – to – hut skiing

To the Mt. Moloch Chalet or the Empire Lake Chalet or both

  • Head-light or small flash-light
  • Silk-weight sleeping liners. Not needed at the Durrand Glacier Chalet, only for hut to hut skiing, to keep the bedding clean. (Can be purchased at most specialty mountain sport shops)

Advanced Avalanche Awareness Courses

In addition to the packing list for Classic and Relaxed Pace Ski Weeks, please bring the below listed items.

  • "Rutschblock Cord" or 4 mm rope 15 ft long
  • snow crystal screen for avalanche work
  • magnifying glass for avalanche work
  • 1 thermometer
  • snow saw
  • "write in the rain" field book and pencil
  • folding meter (2 meters with cm scale)
  • compass, GPS, altimeter (watch with elevation reading is ok as well)
  • Notebook and pen
  • Area map will be supplied by S.M.E.
  • Two lock biners (only if you have them)
  • Ski-touring harness (only if you have them)

Steep Skiing Program

In addition to the packing list for Classic and Relaxed Pace Ski Weeks, please bring the below listed items.

  • Ski helmet