Summer Packing List

Our recommendations for your SME hiking and climbing holiday

Summer Packing List Durrand Glacier Chalet

Hiking Packing List, Durrand Glacier Chalet
  • sturdy 1/2 shank hiking boots (waterproof)
  • gaiters (optional)
  • hiking pants
  • long underwear (optional)
  • warm socks (two pairs)
  • storm pants (optional)
  • shorts
  • two shirts
  • wool or fleece sweater
  • storm jacket
  • warm hat
  • sun hat
  • light mitts or gloves
  • sun glasses
  • sun screen and lip protection for high alpine use
  • towel and toiletry set (biodegradable soap and shampoo)
  • bathing suit for lake
  • flash light or headlamp
  • hut shoes (sandals/flip-flops/crocs to walk to the lake)
  • tea/water bottle
  • small "Tupperware" container to pack your lunch in (optional)
  • small day pack (for carrying your lunch etc.)
  • duffle bag for your journey (large pack are not suited for helicopter travel)


Because of the helicopter weight restriction we ask all guests to keep their personal luggage to a maximum of 12 kg (25 lbs).

Mountaineering & Hut to hut to hut trekking Packing List

We recommend that you pack your gear / clothing in one smaller size duffle bag and in one medium size back-pack.

Duffle bag

Have some clean clothing, toiletry items and towel in the small duffle bag. After arriving at the Durrand Glacier Chalet, you can store this duffle bag for your return walk on Friday, having some clean clothing.


On the last day of your climbing trip with SME, you have to carry this pack during an easier mountaineering day back to the Durrand Glacier Chalet.

  • mountaineering / climbing harness (if you don’t have them, can be provided by SME)
  • 2 locking carabiners (if you don’t have them, can be provided by SME)
  • ice axe (if you don’t have them, can be provided by SME)
  • crampons (if you don’t have them, can be provided by SME)
  • hiking pole
  • mountaineering boots such as
    • Salewa Condor Evo or Raven Combi
    • La Sportiva Trango Extreme Light
    • La Sportiva Trango
    • Asolo full shank mountaineering boot

"Please make sure your mountaineering boots have a full shank sole that can hold any crampon. We are not able to accept guests with hiking boots or approach shoes for any of our mountaineering programs."

  • gaiters
  • mountaineering / climbing pants
  • socks
  • spare socks
  • light-weight Gore Tex storm pants
  • GoreTex jacket
  • soft-shell jacket
  • shirt
  • spare shirt
  • toque (hat)
  • sun hat
  • warm gloves
  • sun glasses
  • spare sun glasses
  • sun ski-protection
  • towel
  • small toiletry set
  • small flash light
  • tea / water bottle
  • camera
  • spare camera battery and memory chip

Alpine Rock Climbing

In addition to the mountaineering packing list, please bring the below listed items.

  • belay brake (if you don’t have them, can be provided by SME)
  • climbing helmet (if you don’t have them, can be provided by SME)
  • rock-shoes
  • chalk and chalk bag
  • climbing tape for fingers

Hiking  at Selkirk Mountain Experience