Selkirk Mountain Experience

Date: December 19, 2014

Fifth snow report of the 2014/15 ski season


Hello Everybody,

Over the past few days I went with some great friends to the Durrand Glacier Chalet. It is that time of the year: shovelling tons of snow and getting the Durrand ready. Pushing all that white gold over the cliff, completely ignoring the fact that many areas would pay big bucks if they could get just a little bit of all that snow. In record time we shovelled all alleys, sundeck, heliport and roofs. The snowpack is absolutely perfect, 200 cm deep at the chalet (tree-line). Even with ideal shovelling conditions, it always takes true friends with a real "working hard" spirit to break a 30 year old shovelling record.

After two full days all snow shovelling was done, my hero team: Angus, Jim, Eric and Richard won the snow-shovelling Olympics. They then went for a great ski tour towards Woolsey Peak and Excalibur area. I stayed near the Durrand Glacier Chalet, doing snow observations and checking the snowpack for possible weaknesses. It was very interesting to dig the snowpack right down to the ground, looking for strong and weak layers and determine how the snowpack will develop. I am totally inspired by the first part of an incredible winter season. When my powder-friends came back their smiles were endless … powder, face-shots and the best time ever … that's all they had to say. I guess this is why I am still at Durrand Glacier after 30 years, and … I still love it as it would be the first day ever up there. How can I not? !!!!!!!

I wish to all of you, all the best for the Holiday Season

Ruedi Beglinger

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Durrand Glacier
elevation 1946 m (tree-line)
200 cm - 30 cm of champaign powder is overlaying a well settled snowpack.
Empire Lake Chalet
elevation 2118 m (lower alpine)
approximately 250 cm to 300 cm - 30 cm of champaign light powder is overlaying a well settled snowpack.
above elevation 2400 m
330 cm to 350 cm - 30 cm super light powder a great snowpack.

Durrand Glacier, December 19, 2014

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