Selkirk Mountain Experience

Date: April 18, 2015

Snow report of the 2015 ski season


Hi Everybody,

Last week was a true deep winter week, or at least this is how the week started out: endless snowfall, deep snow accumulated quickly and we skied in knee-deep powder with face-shots. Back to mid February deep powder conditions. We skied in the trees, adventured over 1000 vertical meter tree-runs down to 1280 meters elevation and changed our alpine fun to over the head powder.

Then, mid week the weather changed: blue sky, perfect temperatures and quickly well settled light powder snow. Time to go to the Empire Lake Chalet, unfortunately the avalanche hazard was too high for the Mt. Moloch Chalet. The recent storm snow had formed a 60cm to 70cm deep soft slab, overlaying a poorly bonding surface hoar and surface facets. Daily test profiles,though, focusing mostly on the new weak layer, showed that with the positive April temperatures and sun radiation the buried surface hoar quickly started to bond. We were soon able to experience larger more classic alpine ski lines with moderate incline. Life quickly changed from deep face-shots to cruising alpine powder lines with endless terrain characteristics.

Amongst the many great ski-runs we ticked off Excalibur from Moon Hill summit to Carnes Creek (1100 v.m.), Holy Grail (1100 v.m.), King Arthur, Missing Jack, Logres, Allalin Glacier to Durrand Bowl, Forbidden Glacier, Magic Flute on Philharmonic Glacier, Diamond Face, Tumbledown Mtn and so on …

It was an amazing week of many great surprises and great times with fun friends.

Ruedi Beglinger

Ruedi Beglinger
IFMGA Mountain Guide / SME

SME April videos:
skiing videos  Skiing in April
skiing videos  Skiing the Line (late April)
skiing videos  Skiing the Berner Oberland in May


Durrand Glacier
elevation 1946 m (tree-line)
340 cm to 370 cm - well settled, strong snowpack. It is snowing today, cool temps, good powder.
Empire Lake Chalet
elevation 2118 m (lower alpine)
approximately 550 cm - powder, fast and fun skiing, well bonding snowpack. Good powder.
Mt. Moloch Chalet
elevation 2205 m (lower alpine)
approximately 570 cm - powder, fast and fun skiing, well bonding snowpack. Good powder.
above elevation 2500 m
580 cm to approximately 760 cm - an endless canvas of sparkling powder, overlaying a well bonding and very deep snowpack.

SME Ski-Programs, 2015:

Durrand Glacier: Ski Season, Canada We still have some openings during the month of April for the traditional Classic SME Ski Program, the Relaxed Pace SME Skiing program, the Canadian Haute Route (hut to hut to hut skiing) and the Steep Skiing program. Please contact our office for available dates.
European Alps: Both programs, Bernina - Toedi and the Berner Oberland are sold out.
Hoping you can be part of these incredible ski programs in 2016.

Durrand Glacier, April 18, 2015

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