SME snow report
26 February, 2017

...we had way too much fun skiing great lines in super deep and light powder


Hello Everybody,

Last week we experienced one of these magic weeks with 5 Star skiing and touring all three huts (Durrand Glacier Chalet, Mt. Moloch Chalet, Empire Lake Chalet). Despite the less favourable weather forecast, the weather ended up perfect. Blue sky, good temperatures and no wind. The snow was simply the best, perfect powder right from the highest point of each peak, face-shots during the long ski runs as we found our self skiing the most amazing ski lines in steep terrain. A great week with great ski guests and daily huge smiles. It can’t get any better !!

Some of the ski-runs we skied: Downie Soft, Mt. Ruth - Hidden Couloir, Salbyt Peak - Ruth Glacier - Meeting of Glaciers, Salbyt Peak - Concordia Ice Fall, Juliana Glacier, West Glacier, Graham Glacier, Magic Flute, Forbidden Peak East Face - North Face Glacier, Forbidden Glacier, Centrale Glacier South-east, Durrand Glacier, Ledges Direct, Moon Hill - Beyond Utopia, Morning Glory, Twin Falls to below Deep Powder and of-course the all time classic Boogie Basin.

Go for the deep face-shots

Ruedi Beglinger

Ruedi Beglinger
IFMGA Mountain Guide / SME

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Durrand Glacier Snowpack  
Durrand Glacier
elevation 1946 m (tree-line)
350 cm snowpack.
Deep, light powder, fast skiing.
Empire Lake Chalet
elevation 2118 m (lower alpine)
approx. 450 cm
Light powder, fast skiing.
Mt. Moloch Chalet
elevation 2205 m (lower alpine)
approx. 480 cm
Light powder, fast skiing.
above elevation 2500 m
500 cm to 600 cm
Light powder, like a magic carpet.

Present Avalanche Hazard, February 26, 2017:

Below Tree-line: LOW (1) in all aspects
Tree-line: LOW (1) in all aspects
Alpine: LOW (1) in all aspects

Avalanche Concerns:

Daily test snow profiles and snowpack stability tests in various elevations, aspects and terrain features keep showing a very strong snowpack. The well settled and strongly bonding snowpack shows no layers of serious concerns. Occasional light to moderate wind in the higher alpine, mostly along exposed ridges and mountain tops forms smaller size wind slabs in specific terrain features. Luckily these wind slabs don’t last for much longer than one day. Because of the deep and light powder snow that is overlaying the deep snowpack, skier triggered smaller size sloughing in very steep alpine slopes can be expected.

  • February 26, 2017 - Skiing at the Durrand Glacier Chalet
  • February 26, 2017 - Skiing at the Durrand Glacier Chalet
  • February 26, 2017 - Skiing at the Durrand Glacier Chalet

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