Selkirk Mountain Experience

Date: February 28, 2015

Snow report of the 2015 ski season


Hi Everybody,

Sometimes there are experiences that are simply not possible to describe, the adventure, the conditions and the great friends with whom we share all these amazing moments.

This past week was certainly one of these incredible weeks. It was by all means one of these super perfect "April powder weeks" … except it was February. The Durrand Glacier area keeps being that perfect island of incredible skiing with a big snowpack and light powder on top, surrounded by many areas that suffer on snow and its qualities … poor conditions at Rogers Pass, in Revelstoke and many other areas in BC. The avalanche hazard at Durrand Glacier I never have seen as low as it is. Since over a week in all three elevation zones and aspects LOW. Daily stability tests in various elevations and aspects keep showing a complete bomber snowpack. The absolutely light powder on top makes travelling on skis easy and feels like silk when carving picture perfect ski lines into this magic white canvas. How much better can it really get ??

This past week we skied, thanks to the "April conditions in February" to its first time ever in February the Mt. Durrand North Face and Phantom of the Opera on Concordia Ice Fall. Of-course many other 5 Star ski runs added to the best February week ever; Tumbledown - La Traviata - Carnes Creek, Centrale Glacier, Forbidden Glacier, the always deeply beloved Ruth Glacier and so on. It was the perfect week, playing in the mountains of the Durrand Glacier area, experiencing the magic of perfect powder and running out of suntan lotion.

Have fun in the powder.

Ruedi Beglinger

Ruedi Beglinger
IFMGA Mountain Guide / SME

SME April videos:
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Durrand Glacier
elevation 1946 m (tree-line)
320 cm to 360 cm - perfect powder, fast and fun skiing, very strong snowpack.
Empire Lake Chalet
elevation 2118 m (lower alpine)
approximately 450 cm - perfect powder, fast and fun skiing, very strong snowpack.
Mt. Moloch Chalet
elevation 2205 m (lower alpine)
approximately 450 cm - perfect powder, fast and fun skiing, very strong snowpack.
above elevation 2500 m
450 cm to over 650 cm - an endless canvas of light powder, overlaying a strongly bonding and very deep snowpack.

SME Ski-Programs, 2015:

Durrand Glacier: Ski Season, Canada We still have some openings during the months of March and April, for the traditional Classic SME Ski Program, the Relaxed Pace SME Skiing program, the Canadian Haute Route (hut to hut to hut skiing) and the Steep Skiing program. Please contact our office for available dates.
European Alps: Some openings for the Berner Oberland Skiing Program, May 10 to 18 2015. May is the best time to ski the Berner Oberland, guaranteed lots of great snow.

Durrand Glacier, February 28, 2015

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