Selkirk Mountain Experience

Durrand Glacier

What is the terrain like for backcountry skiing in the Durrand Glacier area?

Back Country Ski Ski Touring

The terrain is ideal for ski touring and ski mountaineering. It is for the most part large alpine terrain with big vertical relief. There is some mellower alpine terrain and 3 large tree skiing areas for days when it is not possible to ski the bigger terrain in the alpine. The area has over 20,000 acres with a complex glacier system and 34 alpine peaks.

For those wondering what the difference is between ski-touring, ski mountaineering and backcountry skiing, all three describe non-mechanized skiing. Backcountry skiing is all skiing that is done without the aid of lifts, cats or helicopter etc. Ski touring involves skinning up and skiing down slopes in the backcountry. Ski mountaineering also involves skinning up and skiing down slopes in the backcountry but generally in more exciting and large alpine terrain including glaciers, seracs, ridges and peaks. At the Durrand Glacier area we offer both ski touring and ski mountaineering. Our terrain is suitable for alpine ascents with the reward of long powder runs up to 1600 vertical metres (5,900 vertical feet).

Skiing at the Durrand Glacier