Hut to hut to hut trekking

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Mt. Moloch Chalet, Empire Lake Chalet and Durrand Glacier Chalet

This week long "Hut to hut to hut trekking" program takes you to where few others have walked. Where you share the world with your fellow hiking guests and the natural inhabitants of the area: the resident 100 mountain goats, the marmots and occasional wolverine or distant grizzly. We begin the week at the Moloch Chalet and end the adventure at the Durrand Glacier Chalet. During the week we will spend one or two nights at both the Mount Moloch Chalet and the new Empire Lake Chalet. The route linking the three Chalets is quintessence of wilderness hiking including glacier travel, ridge walks and easy alpine peak ascents, and enjoying the privilege of living in beautiful mountain chalets.

This program is technically not hard from a mountaineering point of view. Still it is very important that every guest is able to handle longer day hikes in the off-trail alpine, while traveling across scree slopes, alpine meadows and technically easy but fun and scenic glaciers. Advanced off-trail hiking skills and good physical shape are required.

Saturday: Helicopter flight from Revelstoke to the Mt. Moloch Chalet, followed by an easy hike to a near mountain.
Sunday and Monday: Climb two different alpine peaks, as we travel on easy glaciers.
Tuesday: Hike to the Empire Lake Chalet. During this walk we use a mini Via Ferrate on Fang Col and a Tyrolean traverse to cross a creek at Charlotte Lake.
Wednesday: Climb one of the many glaciated peaks in the area, using easy mountaineering routes.
Thursday: Hike via one of the glaciated peaks to the Durrand Glacier Chalet.
Friday: Climb one of the glaciated peaks in the Durrand Glacier area.
Saturday: Early morning helicopter flight back to Revelstoke.

Number of guests: 5

Hut to hut to hut trekking at The Durrand Glacier Chalet

Hut to hut to hut trekking at The Durrand Glacier Chalet