Introduction to Mountaineering

Mt. Moloch Chalet, Empire Lake Chalet and Durrand Glacier Chalet.

During this full week alpine program you will be introduced to basic mountaineering, ice climbing and alpine rock climbing. One of our fully certified ACMG / IFMGA Mountain Guides will teach you how to travel safely in the mountains, how to apply proper techniques in ice or rock climbing, how to recognize potential hazards, how to self arrest in case of a fall on snow or ice, how to belay a climbing partner, how to set anchors and of-course rappelling. The guide will progress the program according to the comfort and ability level of the group.

This introductory program takes place in our incredible back yard. During the course you will visit three high alpine chalets, allowing us to teach you in diverse terrain and landscapes.

As long as you are physically fit and you have experience in off-trail hiking then this program is for you.

Saturday: Helicopter flight from Revelstoke to the Mt. Moloch Chalet, followed by snow school. Proper walking technique in steep snow, ice axe application, snow anchor and self arrest.
Sunday to Tuesday: Introductory to rock climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering.
Wednesday: Mountaineering tour via Mt. Fang – Philharmonic Peak to the Empire Lake Chalet.
Thursday: Mountaineering out of the Empire Lake Chalet.
Friday: Climb a more challenging rock / ice route and travel to the Durrand Glacier Chalet.
Saturday: Early morning helicopter flight back to Revelstoke.

Number of guests: 4

Introduction to Mountaineering at the Durrand Glacier