Tödi – Berner Oberland 2017

Ski the highest peak in the mountain valley where Ruedi grew up and became a Mountain Guide

Climbing and skiing the Tödi in combination with touring the Berner Oberland has been a big SME success. Visiting two major alpine areas of the Swiss Alps.

Of-course this makes me very proud, considering that the Tödi is not just the highest peak in the valley where I grow up, but also it is the grand peak I used to see from the writing table in my school class (where I was forced to sit still every day for 8 hours). This incredible peak was right there, high up in the jagged horizon of a very narrow mountain valley, 3000 vertical meters higher than the valley floor of Linthal in the valley of Glarus. But there is much more to the Tödi; it is the peak where I became a mountaineer, ski-mountaineer and Mountain Guide.

The Glarnerland is a deep valley with rather steep side-slopes, linking the green valley-floor and the high alpine peaks. The valley is not famous and more likely nobody in North America has ever heard about this truly outstanding mountain in the Eastern Alps …. except my ski guests. Why is it not famous if it is that beautiful and impressive? Well, when tourism started to expand in Switzerland, in the mid seventies, the people from Glarnerland decided to keep a more modest profile and have been against spoiling this incredible valley with lift-towers and gondola cables. Today this modest behavior has paid off. The Glarnerland became a well-liked ski-touring destination, mostly in the areas of the Schilt, Elm, Kärpf and of-course the Tödi massif.

For this program we will meet in the capital of this steep valley, Glarus. The following day we are going to drive by taxi to the Urnerboden and take a small mountain farmer aerial tramway to Orthalden. From there we are going to climb our first mountain, the Gemsfairen elev. 2972 meter. After this first summit, we will ski to the newly renovated Clariden Hut.

The following day a grand ski-tour to the summit of the Clariden elev. 3267 meter, followed by a long ski-run to Obersand. Another easy climb will eventually bring us to the charming Fridolin Hut. The starting gate for the Tödi. After we climbed and skied the monarch of the valley, the Tödi elev. 3620 meter, we will spend an additional night at the Fridolin Hut. The next early morning we climb to the Chammlijoch elev. 3021 meter, followed by a long ski-run to Urnerboden (1700 vertical meters). By taxi we are going to drive to Glarus and stay one more night at the Hotel Glarnerhof.

The following day we will travel from the valley of Glarus to the famous Berner Oberland. Taking the train via Zürich – Bern – Lauterbrunnen to the highest trainstation in Europe, the Jungfraujoch elev. 3471 meter. A short walk will bring us to the famous Mönchsjoch Hut 3627 meter.

During the second part of our “Tour de Swiss” ski-touring trip we are visiting several other huts in the Berner Oberland; Finsteraarhorn Hut elev. 2850 meter, Konkordia Hut 2850 meter and the beautiful Hollandia Hut 3164 meter. Of-course, as we move from hut to hut we will (weather dependent) climb and ski some of the best ski-peaks in the Berner Oberland. Some of these peaks are: Fiescherhorn elev. 4025 meter, Gross Wannenhorn elev. 3706 meter, Louwihorn 3777 meter, Äbeni Flue elev. 3962 meter.

Our final ski-run will bring us into the Lötschental as we after a long ski-run ski from snow into the spring flowers. A taxi will pick us up in Fafleralp and drive us to our hotel in Sion. Finishing up this incredible ski-touring program with a fantastic Italian dinner.

Ruedi Beglinger
I.F.M.G.A certified Mountain Guide

Detailed Program

Please call or e-mail our office to receive a hard-copy of the detailed program which includes all needed information for your ski-trip with us. For this we do need your mailing address. Unfortunately we are not able to e-mail the exact detailed program.


We strongly recommend that you purchase the below listed insurances.

  • General health / hospital insurance, good for all countries in Europe
  • Life insurance
  • Trip cancellation insurance
  • Mountain helicopter rescue and evacuation insurance

If you have difficulties in finding these insurances, we ask that you
contact our office.

How to get to Glarus

This will depend if you plan to acclimatize in Zermatt or not (Zermatt is the best option, but requires additional travel time by train.

Acclimatize in Zermatt:
Fly from North America to Geneva, Switzerland. At the airport in Geneva go to the train station and board the train to Visp. In Visp you have to change the trains for Zermatt. Buy the train ticket at the Geneva Airport train station (please not in the train).

Acclimatize in Glarus:
From North America fly to International Airport Zürich, Switzerland. In the airport go down-stairs and board the train to Ziegelbrücke. In Ziegelbrücke you have to change trains for Glarus. Buy the train ticket at the Zürich Airport train station (please not in the train).

If you ski and acclimatize in Zermatt, prior our ski trip, take the early morning train from Zermatt via Visp – Bern – Zürich – Ziegelbrücke to Glarus.


Ruedi Beglinger will be your guide on this ski-trip. He has extensive experience in guiding mountaineering and skiing expeditions in Alaska, the Alps and other parts of the world. Ruedi has been certified by the Swiss (SBV) and International Guide Association (IFMGA) in 1977. He is an active and professional member of the Canadian Mountain Guide Association (ACMG) and the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA).

Florina Beglinger will help her dad with guiding.

Ability level:

This program takes place in steep and very rugged high-alpine terrain, which has many crevassed glaciers, glacial seracs and other natural skiing challenges. Some of the ski-ascents and ski-descents lead through exposed and technically difficult terrain, up to 40 degr. firm spring snow, where safe and efficient ski-techniques and ski-discipline are required.

For this program each guest has to be an accomplished alpine skier who can ski, efficiently and safely, steep mountain slopes (as found on double Black Diamond downhill ski runs in major ski-areas of North America) and in all kinds of snow conditions (powder, corn snow, breakable crust, frozen snow conditions) with an average size multi-day pack of approximately 20 lbs.

Whatever snow-conditions this tour has to offer, we ask that all guests can safely and efficiently ski a perfect fall line under good control and link a minimum of 30 short-radius turns. It is also important that every guest can safely control their skis in difficult terrain and can execute efficient and safe kick-turns in steeper terrain as found in “black diamond runs”, side-slip on skis in terrain of 40 degr. incline and execute efficient plow-turns.

It is important that everybody on the tour enjoys good health and has no difficulties to acclimatize to moderate or higher elevation.

Every guest has to be physically in good shape. We recommend that everybody is doing active out-door endurance sport (ski-touring, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, biking, long distance jogging etc.) on a regular basis and during the entire year. It is important that you can comfortably ski-climb with a multi-day pack of about 20 lbs. for an entire day of maximum 8 hours and that you can cover daily ski-climbs of up to 1500 vertical meters at higher elevations.

Further it is important that you are able to follow instructions given by the guide.

For the quality of this program, unfortunately we only take ski guests on this program who have skied with Selkirk Mountain Experience on earlier skiing programs.

If you have any questions regarding “Ability Level”, please do not hesitate to contact Selkirk Mountain Experience.

Acclimatizing and Jet-Lag

Over the many years of guiding guests from North America in the European Alps, we have learned that the long flight from North America to Europe develops serious “Jet-Lag” for most guests. However, “Jet-Lag” does affect every person at a different level. One of the most known effects “Jet-Lag” has on people is the change of the internal clock but also sitting in an air-liner for such long time dehydrates travelers to a large degree.

It is difficult to acclimatize to higher elevations while suffering from any level of Jet-Lag.

With respect towards the planned program and every guest’s health and comfort on the tour, we ask all guests to arrive in Switzerland a few days ahead of the starting date of our program.

A good place to acclimatize is Zermatt. Most skiing will be at 3800 meter elevation, while you sleep at 1600 meter elevation. Then on the day we meet you would board an early morning train and get a ride from Zermatt via Zürich to Glarus.

A fairly inexpensive hotel is the Hotel Helvetia, near the train station.

Booking Conditions
  • Selkirk Mountain Experience Ltd. requires a non-refundable 30% deposit of the total program cost in order to confirm your booking.
  • After you receive our confirmation we ask that you send full payment no later than ten weeks prior to the program starting date.
  • If full payment is not received ten weeks prior to the starting date of your program, Selkirk Mountain Experience Ltd. reserves the right to forfeit your full deposit and sell your spot to the next person on the waiting list.
  • Selkirk Mountain Experience Ltd. strongly suggests that you buy travel cancellation insurance that will cover all your paid costs in the event that you have to cancel your program (personal illness, family emergency, work-related cancellation and any other possible reason).
  • Selkirk Mountain Experience Ltd. reserves the right to cancel any program for what ever reason. In this situation Selkirk Mountain Experience Ltd. will refund all paid money. However, Selkirk Mountain Experience Ltd. is not responsible for any further expenses incurred in preparation for the program.
Waiver of liability

All guests who ski with Selkirk Mountain Experience Ltd. are asked to sign the form RELEASE OF LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIMS, ASSUMPTION OF RISKS AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT. This form is attached to the Program information letter and we ask you to read and sign it and send it together with your registration back to our office. If you have any questions please feel free to phone our office at 250 837 2381 or email us.

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  • Ski the European Alps, Bernina – Tödi
  • Ski the European Alps, Bernina – Tödi
  • Ski the European Alps, Bernina – Tödi
  • Ski the European Alps, Bernina – Tödi
  • Ski the European Alps, Bernina – Tödi
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