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Find out what others experienced at SME. First hand accounts of hiking, ski-touring, ski-mountaineering and snowboard mountaineering from publications such as Explore, Coulior, National Geographic Adventure, Outside, Skiing, Snowboard Life and Back Country.

The Washington Post - In the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia, fatigue of body meets peace of mind - 2014

"Each day Ruedi built upon my desire to hike longer, scramble higher (I’m not a rock climber, but I love to scramble over boulders), see farther, be challenged, experience something new. Each day we crested a new mountaintop, experienced amazing views, touched pools of icy blue water in the belly of a glacier, started mini-avalanches as we precariously walked across a snow bridge. And one of the most fun-filled things for me was learning how to bum slide."

Powder, The Skier's Magazine - The Hardest Yard: Ruedi Beglinger - 2015

"After 40 years of guiding people through the world's biggest mountains, Ruedi Beglinger's biggest challenge remains his naysayers."

He navigates the blanket of whiteness with uncanny ease, and I wonder just how many times he’s made these exact steps. Meandering through the alpine in near-zero visibility, he’s confident and natural in his stride. Over his 30 years here he’s watched forests burn, glaciers recede, and mountainsides crumble. His tenure has lasted long enough to see the landscape physically change, but he still knows it intimately. Ruedi Beglinger walks with the cadence and stamina of a man half his age—purposeful and driven."

Expressions magazine – Lodges of Luxury - 2014

"There are no roads to the Durrand Glacier Chalet. It sits at almost 2,000 metres, high in the Selkirks east of Revelstoke. Once the helicopter has dropped you off and retreats out of earshot, you are on your own with 19 other guests, a handful of guides and housekeepers, a chef and some 20 resident mountain goats."

Anne Georg, Writer and Journalist – Summer 2013

"I’ve become obsessed with the thousand-plus photos I took while I was at Durrand Glacier, a guest of Ruedi and Nicoline Beglinger and family of Selkirk Mountain Experience. Their place was simply stunning."

Ski Canada magazine - Tough Love - November 2012

"Ruedi Beglinger has made a business out of challenging his guests to push their limits in the alpine."

National Geographic Adventure - Fall 1999

One of the The 25 Greatest Adventures in the World. Plenty of heli-skiing companies operate in the Canadian West, but only one outfit has a guide who sets the standard for backcountry ski mountaineering. Ruedi Beglinger...

National Geographic Adventure - 1/2003 (Deutschland)

National Geographic Abenteuer: ski-bergsteigen.

Snowboard Life Magazine - March 2000, The Backcountry Issue

Lactic Bath in the Great White North. Selkirk Mountain Experience (SME) is a snowboard/ski-mountaineering mecca for those who relish hardcore touring. Opened in 1985, SME offers access to some of the most spectacular terrain you could envision...

Explore - January/ February 1999

Break Away: Hiking high in the Selkirks B.C. Although the terrain looks difficult, there is something for everyone: photographers, naturalists and hikers will be awed by the Selkirks' beauty, and delighted by the hospitality...

The Selkirk Mountain Experience is a ski touring experience for the ages.

For those interested in ski touring and mountaineering, there are few places as alluring as our neighbour to the North, Canada. And in the pantheon of acclaimed backcountry lodges in North America few offer the wilderness paradise that is Selkirk Mountain Experience. Based in Revelstoke, B.C., home to the breathtaking peaks and long open slopes…

Hiking and mountaineering make up the Selkirk Mountain Experience when winter turns to spring.

As one of North America’s most famous backcountry lodges, Selkirk Mountain Experience is a powerful draw for those wishing to experience ski touring in the breathtaking Durrand Glacier Chalet. And while the powder skiing in this wilderness paradise cannot be denied, the mountaineering and hiking opportunities that abound when winter turns to spring…

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