Selkirk Mountain Experience

Guest comments


I now have a little more time to put pen to paper and say hi. First of all thanks for the best action-adventure-vacation a skier could have. I have a great photo of us on the Zumsteinspitze serves as my screen-saver on my laptop. Everyone that sees it freaks out and comments on how cool it is. It was simply a great day full of challenges, manageable risk and incredible skiing. I told my mom it was one of the best days of my life. So thank you once again for the great experience.

Johnny Keefe, CO (06/07 season)


I just wanted to drop you both a quick line to thank you both and all your team for giving us such a fantastic week. Some of the descents were undoubtedly the best I have ever experienced - as Dan knows, I exclaimed at the time they were orgasmic - or that's how it felt!! And I loved some of the ascents as well, skinning up untouched glaciers and snowfields surrounded by peaks that seem to go on for ever in the distance. What wonderful terrain you chose, Ruedi, all those years ago and how wonderful it still is today. The chalet team were really exceptional as not only did they keep serving wonderful food all week but they seemed to be constantly cheerful and friendly - something which really helps to rub off on your guests, even old ones like us! Your daughters are amazing - they talk to the guests without any apprehension or discomfort and always seemed to be working hard! They are a real credit to you two as their parents and the way you have brought them up. So you will gather that as first time visitors to SME, we were hugely impressed by the whole operation and had a fantastic week. I was delighted with what I personally managed to achieve in the week and only wish I'd found SME 20 years ago!!

John N., Scotland (2011 season)


We just can't stop talking about what an AMAZING experience we all had at the lodge!! Our favourite lodge in 6 years of backcountry hiking BY FAR! Everything was absolutely perfect!! Thanks again soooo much - I really do believe it was a life-changing and great soul-enriching adventure for us all!!

Dawn B., Calgary (2013 season)


Thanks to Ruedi's magnificent guiding I enjoyed the awesome privilege of sitting on the summit of Mt. Moloch. Absorbing the vast perspectives and deep silence of this place was an other worldly experience. I will always be grateful to the rock and of course Ruedi for this transcendent glimpse of nature's beauty.

John Kerr, Ontario


Selkirk Mountain Experience. Clearly the best hiking in Canada. Our trip started in Calgary... the highlight of this trip is a helicopter flight followed by four days and nights at an exclusive isolated mountain chalet at 1,938 meters elevation in the heart of the Selkirk Mountains surrounded by the best hiking in Canada.

Bob and Gail Douglas, Ontario (06/07 season)