Snow Report for the weeks of March 1 to March 15, 2014

Dear powder friends

Sorry for that I was not able to post a snow report last week, unfortunately I was busy skiing deep and light powder. The past two weeks have been incredible, lots of new snow, blue sky and sun. We got it all. Stability of the snowpack was for most of the time good and at times considerable. Mostly during a big storm we experienced a short cycle of a less stable snowpack. During the nice weather days the snowpack stabilized quickly and we have been able to ski long and fun ski-runs in the trees and in the alpine. This week we also went to the Mt. Moloch Chalet, always a highlight of the week.

The snowpack is big at the Durrand Glacier Area. The glacial crevasses are well covered and filled in, the big ski-lines in the alpine are in top shape. This is why this year we will again stay open until end of April, experiencing the truly amazing April powder in the many east, northerly and west aspects of the alpine. Experiencing how the snowpack is becoming super strong and will gives us the special opportunity to ski the best lines in the area in light powder.

We still have openings April 19-26, the skiing will be fantastic!

See you soon

Ruedi Beglinger

Video LATEST SME video: White Gold in January, Canada’s Durrand Glacier »

Some of the best ski runs of the week:

Tumbledown – Carnes Creek 1000 vertical meters
Woolsey – Morning Glory 900 vertical meters
West Glacier 800 vertical meters
Juliana Glacier – Dismal Glacier 600 vertical meters
Zigerschlitz 1100 vertical meters
Holy Grail 1200 vertical meters
Beyond Utopia 1100 vertical meters
Excalibur 1100 vertical meters
Centrale Glacier 900 vertical meters
Missing Jack 1250 vertical meters
Allalin Glacier 800 vertical meters

SME Snowpack:

Durrand Glacier, tree-line 370 cm
Superb skiing.
Durrand Glacier, alpine 450 cm to 650 cm
Superb skiing.

Weather Forecast for the upcoming week:

A large frontal system is bringing moisture into the interior of BC, snow for the Durrand Glacier Area, for the weekend. For Monday and Tuesday a high pressure system will dominate the area, bringing blue sky and sun. Then for the rest of the week we expect more snow. Looks like we are in for great powder.

Durrand Glacier snow report, 14 March 2014


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